Manitoba landscape design

Manitoba landscape design

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Manitoba landscape design specialists.

Our experienced landscape designers and specialists in Manitoba have created customized plans for over 100 gardens. Whether you’re renovating your patio, remodeling your backyard, or are planning your new construction project, we’ve got you covered. From retaining walls and rock gardens, to expansive garden design, our portfolio of projects includes customized gardens for private homes and resorts. When planning for your Winnipeg home or office, our design experts have you covered. We are experts in landscape design, yet we love working with homeowners to get the look and feel of their surroundings just right.

You can count on the professionals at Grappenhall Landscape Design &, Construction to create the gardens that will transform your outdoor space. With over 100 successful projects in our portfolio, you’re guaranteed that you’re in good hands. Not only are we experts in landscaping, we are also certified professionals in timber framing and stone masonry, which adds stability to the surface of your project.

Why Choose Us

We would like to set the record straight by letting you know why you should choose Grappenhall for your next Winnipeg landscape design project. We are specialists in landscaping and construction. We have built hundreds of successful residential and commercial landscaping projects. Our team has an incredible work ethic and is able to put our experience to good use. We are expert in ensuring your garden project is efficient, effective and sustainable. We’ll also let you know that you don’t need an oversized budget to achieve the stunning looks that you’re looking for.

Homeowner and Gourmet Market owner, Sally Lawrence describes her experience with Grappenhall Landscape Design &, Construction thusly: “We hired Grappenhall Landscape Design and Construction to design and build a gourmet market for our home. Everything went as planned. They were completely professional and conscientious and very easy to work with. Grappenhall kept me informed of progress, timelines and costs. They completed the project in the required amount of time and we were completely satisfied with their work. Their price was fair and I would highly recommend them to others.”

Some of Our Services

Retaining Walls

The exterior and interior landscape of your home creates a welcoming setting for visitors. Of course, you want the perfect ambiance for your deck, patio and backyard. An established garden landscape design by Grappenhall Landscape Design &, Construction can transform your property. At Grappenhall, we offer three types of retaining walls. There are insulated, pressure treated, and permeable retaining walls to choose from. Our insulated walls are affordable and functional. They add insulation to your basement or exterior space. Our pressure treated, or treated wood, retaining walls are affordable. They’re made with 100% pressure treated wood for the best waterproofing and extended service life. We also offer permeable walls made from recycled, reclaimed or recyclable materials. We recommend our Permeable retaining walls for homes or other projects where water is likely to be a source of issue.

Granite Slab For Your Outdoor Kitchen

When it comes to outdoor kitchens, Granite Slabs are the best choice. Granite slabs serve as the foundation of any deck, patio or any outdoor kitchen. They are safe and sturdy. A beautiful and easy to clean granite slab not only adds character to the exterior of your home, it also adds elegance and functionality to your home. Granite slabs come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They can be found in square or rectangular shapes. They can also be found in irregular or rounded shapes.

Water Features

Water features are an outstanding way to add beauty and function to your property. Even if you don’t live near water, our water features will put a smile on your face. Water features can be created using our indoor water features or our standard, indoor-outdoor water features. Outdoor-indoor water features are an excellent way to create a water feature in your home that is both functional and lovely. The unique design and styling of our indoor-outdoor water features means you can place them in any room of your home, not just the bathroom or kitchen. We can create a customized look and feel to fit the location of your water feature. We specialize in complete, custom water feature designs for your property

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