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Additionally, the buildings were raised 8 meters so the entire public level has an adequate perspective view of the river and the landscaped private gardens of the hotel, also allowing for underground parking, service and back-of-house areas with at-level access to the service street. The conference and banquet halls have their own area with a private garden for events, and a shared entrance canopy. The hotel was to convey a sense of pertinence to its location, becoming an interpretation of the local architectural and cultural resources. The research led to determine the Zhuang tradition as a rich source of inspiration both in its architectural features as well as some cultural traditions and artifacts. On the other hand, the function of the building and the sense of service provided by a hotel to its guests prompted us to search for a way to elevate the local tradition to the appearance of a palace.

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Take a look at the complete story after the jump. From the architects: The cultural context of TCM was refined as the thread of the overall design, and the spirit of conforming to the law of nature and practices inherited from ancient times was closely integrated into interiors where people and herbals are the protagonists.

The facade is characterized by warm pink finish and large areas of glass, which breaks through the stereotype of traditional cold tone of healthcare spaces and also shortens the distance between the brand and consumers. Stepping into the space, people will be firstly welcomed by an area which provides variety of healthy tea drinks fitting with the youth.

Pink and refreshing green, which constitute a macaron color palette, are interspersed throughout the space. Seats and backdrop walls show the imagery of mountains and water, and echo the decorative lighting fixtures with amazing geometric shapes. Besides, art installations featuring plant specimens were brought into the space, adding natural vitality to it.

The decorations deliver a feeling of affordable luxury. Leather, combined with rose-gold brushed stainless steel, generates neo-classical and exquisite spatial textures, while austere terrazzo floorings set an elegant and simplistic tone. Crystal installations enclosing plant specimens reflect and interact with light and shadows, and curtains inserted with flowers show ingenious craftsmanship.

In addition, the medicinal herbs cabinet, which is the iconic equipment in TCM pharmacies, was given clear lines and stylish appearance. It is perfectly coordinated with the pendent lamps and geometric service counter, greatly presenting the fresh and vigorous charm of the brand.

Medicinal herbs are gifts from nature, and wise Chinese people turned them into treasures. In the intimate and tactile space, the designers revitalized herbs based on the trend of the times, conveyed a humanistic attitude towards life, and wished to remind people to care more about themselves. Home About. Facebook Twitter instagram pinterest. Menu Hotels Latest. Switch skin Switch to the dark mode that's kinder on your eyes at night time.

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TCM Landscape Design

The Permaculture Design and Resilient Ecosystems Diploma is a 9-month program that provides training for participants who are interested in creating resilient and regenerative systems and lifestyles within the context of Permaculture design processes, tools, methods and strategies. Providing an immersive curriculum in permaculture design, this training goes above and beyond basic training and includes courses in:. My experience in the Permaculture Design and Resilient Ecosystems Diploma has been life altering in all of the best ways. The way I look at the world, at our ecosystems and at our history as individuals and a society has forever been changed. The value of understanding regenerative farming, sustainable practices and how to thrive while practicing permaculture principles are priceless. I am grateful for all of the instructors that shared their passions with us and continue to plant seeds of inspiration and knowledge for a brighter future.

The vertical design elements are rooted in the landscape characteristics and poetic culture of Quancheng City. Through the combination of metal and glass panels.

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When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures. Log in. Sign up. TCM Garden. Ideas for a garden based around Traditional Chinese Medicine ingredients with a meditative element. Collection by Beauty Botanist.

Review of Existing Methods of Landscape Assessment and Evaluation

The concept of gardening gives us an excellent illustration for the theories behind Traditional Chinese medicine TCM and acupuncture. Imagine you are a gardener whose job it is to help a garden thrive. To help nature along, you must provide necessities such as water and fertilizer. You must make sure plants receive the right amount of sun, and you must weed out any undesirable elements.

Project Overview:.

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The Museum of TCM proposed by MUDA-Architects locates in southern area of Pengzhou ProjectType: Architectural Design/ Interior Design/ Landscape Design.

Pam Penick is the landscape designer behind green design guide, Lawn Gone. Full of inspiring images and ideas for sustainable, low-maintenance yards, Lawn Gone has us rethinking all of our spring plans and obsessing over what we could do with our outdoor space! Here are a few of our favorite ideas from Pam herself….

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More than 90 pharmaceutical enterprises have been attracted to the TCM Park of Pengzhou due to its plantation of herbs. Due to its dominant location, the museum is required to be designed as a prominent symbol visually and spiritually in order to break the stereotype of expanding the industrial park and promote the industry development in an innovative way. TCM stresses the harmony and correspondence between human and nature. These two forces are considered to be eternally complementary and interdependent in dynamic status. Pengzhou Bureau of Planning and Natural Resources. Smooth curving outlines are applied to the museum laying on the lakeside, and the rooftop is cladded with metal panels.

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